Bowling Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much floor-space do I need for a bowling centre ?

    The space necessary depends on the number of lanes (for example, 8 lanes : 800m² ; 12 lanes : 2’000 m²)

  2. How much ceiling-room do I need ?

    Minimum 3.5 metres and ideally 4.5 metres

  3. Which type of equipment do you recommend ?

    We have exclusive rights in Switzerland for « SWITCH » products

  4. Is the equipment guaranteed ?

    Yes, see the « Turnkey centres » page

  5. Can you install bowling lanes anywhere ?

    Yes, as long as you respect the legislation and norms of the country concerned

  6. How can I be sure that a particular location will be profitable ?

    We carry out a feasability study for you beforehand.

  7. Is a bowling centre a viable business proposition ?

    Yes, a centre generates profits of 20% to 30% on average (based on the ratio between turnover and running costs), not including borrowing costs

  8. Is a bowling centre difficult to maintain ?

    Maintenance is provided by a technician following specifications provided when the equipment is supplied

  9. Can you advise me on the architectural, technical, commercial and financial aspects involved ?

    Yes, we look after your project from start to finish

  10. What are the costs in terms of human resources ?

    These do not exceed 30% of total turnover.