New Modular Centre: a concept summed up in three words: accessibility, visibility and fun.

Exemple de construction de Bowling

In the 2nd half of the 20th century, the bowling centres built in Switzerland were exclusively focused on bowling itself; that is to say that the vast majority of available space was used for bowling lanes, leaving very little for other uses.
This approach disappeared progressively at the end of the last century making way for more spacious leisure centres with the focus still of course on bowling but with much more besides….billiards, table-tennis, video games, bar / snack-bars, restaurants, constantly improving leisure options.
It was then that Bowling Switzerland Inc recognised the potential of NMCs (New Modular Centres) mirroring that of the early shopping centres with their numerous special offers and which became growth poles by offering several forms of entertainment on one easily accessible site.

Other activities such as squash, fitness clubs, solariums, discotheques and hotels could also be added in a modular format.

Customers’ attitudes have evolved in the same way as towards shopping centres, where they no longer wanted to have to shop in poky, poorly-lit shops and where the centre itself becomes a marketing tool contributing to the customer’s pleasure experience; the physical structure of NMCs provides the same sense of space and brightness.

 The NMC’s interior is modelled on shopping centres and seeks to increase the customer’s pleasure experience by the design and layout of the different leisure activities on each floor.

The 1st floor contains the bowling centres, billiards and video games, the bar and tables, the restaurant and squash courts.

The 2nd floor comprises two mezzanines, with the discotheque and deck on one and the gym on the other, the two being joined by a walkway.

The reason for having two mezzanines is essentially so that the client can have constant access to the greatest number of activities as possible: see and be seen!